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Master Sergeant Bobby D. Thomas .... U.S. Air Force Retired.




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My Masonic Blue Lodge

My Masonic Blue Lodge
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My Scottish Rite Consistory No. 5
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My Shrine Temple
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*Entered the Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH), May 2011 in Gulfport, Mississippi and transferred to Washington, DC (AFRH), Apr 2012.  Returned to the Gulfport AFRH, Mar 2013 and transferred back to DC March 2014.  I am in Fairfield, Texas at this time but I hope to reenter the home in Gulfport before to long.

**Retired Federal Civil Service (after 19 years), Jul 2004, Randolph AFB, Texas

 ***Retired U.S. Air Force/U.S. Army, May 1980 (after 21 years), Kunsan AB, Korea (retired at Port, Travis AFB, California

****Enlisted in US Army Apr 1959 (for six years), Lubbock, Texas and enlisted for 15 years in the US Air Force


Infrastructure/Facility & Equipment Maintenance Controller (WIMS); Facility Maintenance Programmer (WIMS). Scheduled and updated weekly slide briefings (WIMS - Schedulers Meeting). Work Leader Supply Publications Distribution Office (PDOS & ATOMS). Occupational Analysis: Performance Assessment Developer. Metal Tube MKG Inst. & Rpr. Pipe Inspector. Security Forces Flight Chief; Supervisor Operations Security; Supervisor Security Armament and Equipment; Supervisor Aircraft Security, Special Weapons & Air Base Ground Defense. Corrections Officer Texas Department of Corrections. Supervisor Telecom Mgt./Special Program Management (GCCS, AIRWAYS, Command MARS); Supervisor Spec. Traffic Analysis & Frequency Management; Supervisor Telecom Processing & Equipment Radio Operator; Supervisor TACCOMM, Intrabase Radio Manager (base wide); Supervisor Radio Teletype, Morse Code, Voice & AUTOSEVOCOM (Army & Air Force) operations. Supervisor & Administrator Support Air-Ground Gunnery Range (Koon-Ni Gunnery Range - Korea). Win7/Win8/Apple IPad 2/Apple MAC/Win95/Win98/Win2000NT/WIN2002XP/Power Point/Front Page/Win Word/Microsoft Excel/MS-DOS.

NOV 1991 - JUL 2004 (Retired)
Maintenance Controller, GS-1601-5
Dept. of the Air Force, 12 CES/CEOI, 1651 5th St. West, Randolph AFB, TX
Mr. Bob Louthen, 210-652-4212

Infrastructure, Facility Maintenance & Equipment Controller; receives telephonic, verbal, and written requests from base building custodians and CE personnel; determines priority of service required (emergency, urgent, routine); whether a minor construction work order, warranty, and service category. Advises the customer who to contact, the proper forms to submit and proper organization. Make inquiries and tracked job locations and status per customer request. Track job orders, inputs required delivery dates (RDD), and stamps material supportable job orders when material is complete. Independently handles emergency request that are: detrimental to mission accomplishment, a hazard to health, may endanger lives, or threaten, damage, to or loss of high value equipment and property. Makes the decision on what crafts are required and dispatches same to control emergency by prioritizing existing work and dispatching proper crafts to emergency job site, as situation requires. Determines priority and schedules worker for additional non-emergency work required to complete job. Responsible for daily labor input into WIMS of all craftsmen assigned to section and scheduling first and succeeding job assignments to craftsmen based on priority requirement dates and skill required. Determines what unfinished work at the end of the normal workday can be safely postponed or if overtime is required to complete the service call. Computer and typing skills required.

MAY 1985 - NOV 1991
Lead PDO Supply Clerk, GS-2005-5
Dept. of the Air Force, 12ABG Administrative Division PDO Branch, RAFB
Mr. John Stokes, 210-652-2534

Publication Distribution Office Supply Work Leader - Supervised 4 personnel in requisitioning, receiving, warehousing and distributing standard and nonstandard DOD, Departmental, Field, Command & Wing, publications, forms, technical orders & organizational stationary (letterhead). Serviced all host and tenant organizations assigned to Randolph AFB plus several geographically separated units. Submitted requirements to the applicable supply source. Received, processed, distributed and stocked publications, TO's and forms received from the supply source. Performed follow-ups on requisitions not received within prescribed time limits. Maintained stock and reorder levels. Provided security, accountability, and storage of safeguard forms and publications. Provided customer orientation and training as required. Prepared requisitions, reports, correspondence, and other information directed by management. Operated powered filing equipment, powered and manpowered pallet lifts, typewriters, calculating equipment and microcomputers. Used the Publication Distribution System (PDOS) as an automated means for collecting requirements, stocking, requisitioning, inventory, and distributing pubs and forms. The PDOS program supported 47 individual and complex computer menus. Received shipments of incoming supplies via commercial carriers and insured that all discrepancies such as shortages, overages, and damages were reported to the designated Transportation Officer. Computer and typing skills required.

OCT 1984 - MAY 1985
Performance. Assessment Developer, GS-0222-9
The Texas MAXIMA Corp., 8301 Broadway Suite 212, San Antonio, TX 78209
Mr. Mike Hopson, 210-652-5234

Gathered and formulated information for the development of tests that were used by the Human Resources Labatory (Brooks AFB) for the United States Air Force in better determining recruit capabilities. Worked with the Ground Radio Operator career field (1 to 48 month’s time in service airmen). Reviewed Career Development Courses, Technical School Training Manuals, US Air Force manuals & regulations, specialty training standards, job inventories, occupational surveys, and other pertinent material relative to the Ground Radio Operator career field. Abstracted material from those sources and formulated information into walk-through performance tests, both hands-on and interview. Tests consisted of 37 Radio Operator related tasks. Held validation conferences with active duty Subject Matter Experts for selection of tasks and subject matter. Traveled to Combat Information System Groups, Global Command and Control Systems, and Giant Talk, radio facilities and organizations. Observed operators performing their duties and assisted in task analysis of those operators. Received training on the various equipment used within the three functional test areas. Equipment consisted of the URC-92, MRK-106/108, Intercept, Analog, Scope Signal lll, Quick Fix & Scope Control radio equipment and consoles. Conducted pretests on numerous airmen before turning over the final product to the Human Resources Labatory. This was a congressional mandated project.

MAY 1980 - OCT 1984
Mtl. QC Pipe/Threads Inspector, WG-3872-11
Lone Star Steel Co., Highway 259 South, Lone Star, TX 75668
Mr. Bob Forrest, 214-656-6660

Inspected tubular steel products for physical make-up, compliance of thread and upset specifications, color-coding, proper diameter, wall thickness, grade, and length. Inspected pipe returned by the customer due to discrepancies and determined disposition of pipe. Inspected pipe for stock bolt damage, under fill, scale scar, die squeeze, heavy ends, slivers, skin lamination, high flash, rolled-in flash, whiskers, balers, RC skips, thread height, stand off, taper, chatter, long/short chamfers, waves, wrinkles, over/under make-up, no drifts, eccentric ends/walls, and numerous other defects. Scrapped pipe for serious defects and marked other pipe to be reworked. Used ring gauges, micrometers, calipers, taper, lead, and height gauges in checking round/buttress threads and plain end pipe. Operated non-destructive testing equipment both ultrasonic and portable units.

APR 1979 to MAY 1980, 48 Hours/Week
Security Forces Flight Chief, MSgt, E-7
Dept. of the Air Force, 8th Security Forces Squadron, Kunsan AFB, Korea
CMSgt Willie Edwards, Not available

Supervised 48 Security Forces personnel in the protection of life, property, materials and equipment, within flight line alert areas and the Weapon Storage Area at Kunsan Air Base, Korea. Held daily formal guard mounts to insure that security personnel were equipped to perform their tour of duty and to inform them of both present and coming events. Insured that personnel were posted and the off going flight was properly relieved. Conducted post checks to insure that Security Policemen were in compliance with their Special Security Instructions. Investigated all incidents affecting nuclear weapons and made written reports on any findings. Insured that all personnel were thoroughly trained in military jurisdiction, application of apprehension and restraint, control of prisoners, patrolling, traffic control, and weapons training to include the use of deadly force. Conducted in-flight security exercises to insure that personnel were properly trained in carrying out their duties. Evaluated the performance and training of one hundred WARSKIL augmenters assigned to the squadron. These personnel were assigned from several Air Force Specialties to help support Security Forces in Emergency Security and Air Base Ground Defense conditions. Wrote duty schedules, performance reports, scheduled off time and leaves, and reviewed security blotters for the accurate coverage of events during my flights tour of duty. Trained personnel in the prevention of espionage, sabotage and other security threats.

AUG 1978 to APR 1979, 40 Hours/Week
NCOIC SF Armory & Equipment, MSgt, E-7
Dept. of the Air Force, 2nd Security Forces Squadron, Barksdale, AFB, LA
Capt. Dennis A. Dibartolomeo, Not available

Supervised 10 Security Forces personnel in the issue, turn-in, and safe storage of over 700 semi and automatic weapons maintained in the armory for Security Forces personnel. Stored over 100 privately owned weapons for base personnel and initiated proper documentation for the destruction and turn over to the Office of Special Investigations all abandoned weapons. Responsible for insuring small arms maintenance personnel performed minor maintenance on all weapons assigned to the armory and that all such maintenance was annotated as required. Updated entry authority lists for access to the armory. Insured that personnel requesting a weapon were qualified with that weapon and that all weapon cards had a valid qualification date. Tested alarm systems daily with the Law Enforcement desk to insure that the alarms were operational during any attempted forced entry. Ordered replacement munitions used in various types of training. Coordinated with base supply for weapon replacements and turn-in of weapons for contract work (reboring, bluing, etc.). Insured that weapon safety rules were followed at all times. Initiated statement of charges and report of surveys on all individuals who lost ammunition or equipment assigned to them. Wrote performance reports on assigned personnel. Planned, trained, and executed national security programs designed to protect base facilities, equipment and personnel against espionage, sabotage, and other such threats.

Apr 1978 - Aug 1978
United States Air Force
2nd Security Forces Squadron
Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana

Assistant Security Police Flight Chief (supervised 105 Security Policemen): Assisted in conducting daily formal guard mounts to insure that personnel were in compliance with dress standards, weapons safety and that they were advised of present and current events. Insured that the off going flight was properly relieved and that patrol vehicles and automatic weapons were operational. Made post checks in the Weapons Storage Area, Bomber, Tanker, and other alert areas to insure that security of aircraft and other USAF resources were properly being carried out. Conducted flight training consisting of weapons handling, vehicle and personnel deployment and the effective use of K-9/Military Working Dog resources. Provided security escorts for all nuclear weapon movements. Wrote reports and narratives of personnel deserving of awards. Made up flight schedules and scheduled personnel for leaves and off time. After notification from the base commander or command post of an alert, activated a recall of all Security Police personnel. Apprehended all security violators and escorted them to the Law Enforcement Desk for their disposition. Investigated all accidents regarding nuclear weapons and security police equipment. Attended squadron airmen/NCO of the month/quarter boards and assisted in the questioning and selection of deserving individuals. Planned, trained, and executed national security programs designed to protect base facilities, equipment and personnel against espionage, sabotage, and other such threats. Trained personnel in the use of Deadly Force.

Aug 1977 - Apr 1978
United States Air Force
2nd Security Forces Squadron
Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana

Weapons Storage Area WSA (supervised 16 personnel): Responsible for the security of the second largest nuclear weapons storage area in the Air Force inventory. Controlled entry to structures housing nuclear weapons. Monitored alarms emanating from an alarm detection terminal panel board and directed responding security elements to structures sounding the alarm. Apprehended personnel giving the wrong authentication to storage structures. Insured that security personnel at the entry gate were using the exchange badge system of entry. Provided convoy escorts for weapons moving from all structures. Posted Military Working Dog resources during the hours of darkness. Conducted training within the WSA to insure all personnel were proficient in all phases of their duty. Deployed personnel to strategic locations in cases involving electrical outages of perimeter fences. Posted patrols on the high road surrounding the perimeter during increased security conditions. Wrote reports on all incidents and accidents involving security police personnel, equipment and resources. Planned, trained, and executed national security programs designed to protect base facilities, equipment and personnel against espionage, sabotage, and other such threats.

Jul 1975 - Jul 1977
United States Air Force
1931st Communications Group
Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska

Noncommissioned Officer In Charge Alaskan Air Command Military Affiliate Radio System MARS (command staff level position): Managed the Alaskan Air Command Military Affiliate Radio System with responsibility for the reliable, efficient and responsive operation of all MARS operations within Alaska to include three Air Force bases, twenty five auxiliary remote military and civilian installations and over sixty Air Force affiliate MARS/Amateur Radio Operators. Duties included coordination with base, state, and federal emergency preparedness agencies, staff assistance visits to 14 remote military installations annually and the preparation of command staff level correspondence. Prepared the necessary correspondence to action agencies to provide guidance, continuity and direction to the wide spread MARS system. Managed the MARS warehouse, which obtained and distributed excess communications equipment worth millions of dollars. Identified and obtained surplus electronics equipment at redistribution and marketing for the affiliate members. Stored the equipment in the MARS warehouse and issued equipment to members depending on their equipment capabilities and maintained records on those members. Wrote, edited, and insured distribution of MARS newsletters quarterly. Distributed the newsletters to all members as well as furnishing copies to AFCC Command MARS. Updated AAC Supplement one to AFM 100-15, which contained such information as message handling, operating practices and procedures, frequency/circuit assignments, and call signs. Prepared a comprehensive MARS Training Guide designed to enhance augmented operator training at remote Alaskan sites due to those operators being drawn from several specialty codes and very few of them having had any communications experience. As Alaskan Air Command Intrabase/Nontactical Radio manager I reviewed all requests for new or replacement Intrabase Radio equipment from all AC&W sites within Alaska. Performed technical evaluation on all equipment requests to insuring that proper accessories and appropriate frequencies were obtained. Initiated AF Form 610/B and DD Form 1348-6 action to requisition this equipment through base supply. Presented all such requests before the AAC Consolidated Equipment Management Board for funding and final approval of the requests. Wrote and updated base and command directives on Intrabase/Nontactical Radio Management. Coordinated Intrabase Radio requirements for exercises and special projects. As the equipment custodian for the base and AAC commanders net I was responsibly for the accountability, distribution, and maintenance of all equipment assigned to these nets. Initiated action to procure any new equipment. Coordinated all logistical support requiring money, services and material for established accounts and special mission requirements.

Jul 1974 - Jul 1975
United States Air Force
1931st Communications Group
Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska

Aeronautical/Global Command and Control Systems Station AIRWAYS (supervised 10 personnel): Shift supervisor responsible for the quality and accuracy of flight progress traffic relayed by the flight (equipment used was Analog/Quick Fix/Scope Control/Scope Signal lll – HF/FM/UHF/VHF/USB/LSB/UUSB/LLSB – radio equipment and consoles). Reviewed and evaluated all operational products, such as messages, logs, flight cards and teletype tapes regarding their accuracy and compliance with pertinent directives. Coordinated with Oceanic Control Areas, Flight Service Stations, Air Route Traffic Control Centers, and other Air Traffic Control agencies and Aeronautical/GCCS stations to insure flight following and safety of all aircraft under primary guard by the Elmendorf AFB Aeronautical/GCCS station. Insured that radio silence was maintained on primary and secondary frequencies for aircraft declaring emergencies. Had operators relinquish guard of aircraft only after assurance that the guarded aircraft was in another Flight Information Region and in contact with the Aeronautical/GCCS station having guard responsibility for that region. Insured retransmission of any interrupted traffic caused by the Security Service during frequency and equipment seizures. Monitored all frequencies during scheduled broadcasts and emergency action messages to insure that the information went out on all assigned frequencies. Insured that unlimited communications services were provided during presidential and congressional visits to the PACIFIC area. Provided these services to all Special Air Mission and VIP aircraft flying within the Alaskan FIR. Monitored the stations twenty-four hour tape recorders to insure that they were operational and recording. Secured all tapes after an aircraft emergency to insure that no one but proper officials had access to them. Conducted traffic analysis of all traffic handled by the flight. Monitored the ICAO Teletype terminal to intercept aircraft movement messages. Used and controlled access to Top Secret and other classified material within the station. Provide Direction Finding DF (azimuth reading(s) regarding emergency aircraft situations) for Air Traffic Facilities requesting the same.

Jul 1973 - Jul 1974
United States Air Force
Detachment #1, 51st Air Base Wing
Koon-Ni Bombing Range, Korea

Range Control Supervisor Air/Ground Gunnery/Bombing Range (supervised 48 personnel): As Range Control Supervisor of the Koon-Ni Air to Ground Bombing Range, I managed and directed range personnel in preparing the range safety area for safe operations during aircraft bombing practice and automatic weapons firing. Insured the maintenance and upkeep of the entire range, consisting of buildings, targets, access roads, and many acres of bordering fence line. Planned and coordinated safety procedures with all personnel utilizing the range. Insured that tower operators were posted while the range was open and that accurate bombing plots were given to fighter pilots for target alignments and for scoring purposes. Directed personnel to police the range of brass and bomb fragments after closing the range. Insured that all bomb craters were filled and those targets were realigned or replaced. Insured that security guards had removed all unauthorized personnel from the range one hour prior to its opening. Obtained permission and acquired equipment to open a Military Affiliate Radio System MARS radio station at the range. Provided phone patch services to the states for site personnel.

Mar 1972 - Jul 1973
2015th Communications Squadron (now 12th Communications Squadron)
Randolph Air Force Base, Texas

Military Affiliate Radio System MARS Radio Operations Supervisor (supervised 4 personnel): Supervised the operation of voice area frequencies, command emergency frequencies, and transcontinental radio networks. Conducted morale phone patch services for military personnel throughout the world. Reported unusual incidents, interference and circuit conditions to responsible agencies. Tuned and adjusted transceiver equipment to counter the effects of noise or interference. Selected antenna systems and oriented antennas to correct azimuth. Observed and enforced security precautions involved in voice communications. Applied safety precautions pertaining to electrical equipment. Maintained records on affiliate MARS members assigned to the Randolph AFB support program. Coordinated equipment maintenance with work order control. Compiled and maintained master station logs, regulation changes, records, reports, position and phone patch logs in accordance with directives. Custodian for amateur radio station K5FFR. As a radio amateur and MARS member I was assigned to the Randolph base support team. Received a letter of appreciation from the ATC Commander for outstanding communication support during the conference for the Chiefs of Staff of the Air Forces of the Americas (CONJEFAMER XIII). Handled a great volume of emergency traffic for the Red Cross, Salvation Army, San Antonio Nicaraguan Relief, and other agencies supporting the earthquake in Managua, Nicaragua.

May 1971 - Mar 1972
1972 Communications Squadron
DaNang Air Base, Vietnam

Nontactical/Intrabase Radio Manager for DaNang Air Base, Vietnam (supervised 6 foreign nationals - Chinese technicians): Maintained control over the location and maintenance of LF/HF/VHF/UHF radio equipment and associated parts. Maintained accountability through inventories, prepared customer education outlines, reviewed requests for equipment and parts, controlled installations, removals, and relocations of radios and equipment. Prepared sequence of action reports and exhibits for each net and modifications as necessary. Prepared payment vouchers, purchase orders and all other documents and correspondence relative to Nontactical/Intrabase Radio management for 26 nets and 530 major items of equipment. Initiated action to take title to equipment qualified for no-cost recapture. Reviewed all contracts, prepared necessary custody receipts, and coordinated with all agencies and contract personnel in order to achieve intensified management control of the entire Nontactical/Intrabase Radio system. Coordinated all logistical support money, services, and material for established accounts and special mission requirements (exercises).

Oct 1969 - May 1971
2110 Communications Squadron
Vance Air Force Base, Oklahoma

Noncommissioned Officer In Charge Military Affiliate Radio System MARS (supervised 4 personnel): Supervised the operation of Collins KWM-2A radio equipment on area, region, and transcontinental voice frequencies. Received and processed messages for transmission by radio Teletype to other stations having the same capability. Maintained records and participation time on radio amateurs assigned to the Vance Air Force Base support team. Ran phone patch traffic for stations in Southeast Asia and Europe. Custodian for amateur radio station K5FAS located at the MARS station. Selected antenna systems for use during normal and adverse conditions. Kept radio logs on each radio circuit and filed these logs after each radio day. Notified radio maintenance on any radio outages. Operated 2-meter equipment in support of the state and federal disaster preparedness agency of Enid, Oklahoma.

Oct 1968 - Oct 1969
United States Air Force
Operating Location 20, 27th Communications Squadron
Bien Hoa Air Base, Vietnam

Noncommissioned Officer In Charge Giant Talk/SAC Bravo Net (supervised 6 personnel): Processed highly perishable voice communications traffic to and from Strategic Airborne Command and Control aircraft and Point to Point ground stations. Encrypted for transmission all classified information regarding tactical aircraft movement. Decrypted incoming messages classified as sensitive handling. Provided phone patch services for Special Air Mission, reconnaissance and Distinguished Visitor aircraft. Controlled access to Automatic Secure Voice Communications (AUTOSEVOCOM) equipment. Provided communications support control and coordination of airborne emergencies. Up channeled damage reports from rocket attacks from unfriendly forces. Maintained radio contact with U-2 and C-130 aircraft flying combat missions over both North and South Vietnam. Advised pilots of Weather status for specified areas and when directed by command post. Echoed FOXTROT and Emergency Action Messages when received and as scheduled. Used and controlled access to Top Secret and other classified material within the station.

Jul 1967 - Oct 1968
United States Air Force
HQ Section
Carswell Air Force Base, Texas

Assistant Noncommissioned Officer In Charge Tactical Communications TACCOMM/Combat Crew Communications section (supervised 6 personnel): Supervised the preparation of flight publications and communications kits for combat crews SAC (Strategic Air Command) and for staff use. Controlled and issued classified tactical doctrines as a part of the communications kit. Assisted combat operations in communications inputs and insured quality of communications in Electronic Warfare Operations Plans and Combat Mission Folders. Evaluated work performed in the section for compliance with directives, policies, and work standards. Operated radio equipment on the Strategic Air Command SAC Survival Recovery and Reconstitution radio network. Destroyed classified documents as they became superseded. Recovered Combat Mission Folders from Giant Wheel aircraft coming off of alert status. Signed for classified information used within the section. Met on going combat crews at the bomber alert facility and initiated change over of classified material by hand receipt. Stored and updated flight publications. Responsible for classifying, reclassifying, and declassifying Confidential through Top Secret defense information/material. Disseminated such material to personnel having access to the same. Made internal security inspections of classified material to insure proper annotation and disposition of such material.

Jul 1966 - Jul 1967
United States Air Force
19th Tactical Air Support Squadron
Bien Hoa Province, Vietnam

Tactical Air Control Party/Noncommissioned Officer In Charge Forward Air Control Team (supervised 5 personnel): Coordinated tactical air support missions in support of friendly ground forces for the 2nd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division and Advisory Team 98, Military Assistance Command (MACV) and other organizations as required. Relayed from the Forward Air Controller FAC to the Direct Air Support Center DASC such information as target requests, fighter delivery tactics, type of support aircraft and required ordnance needed. Deployed aircraft to perform air strikes, visual and photo reconnaissance, and artillery adjustments within assigned sectors. Deployed to combat areas to support ground forces in search and destroy, long range reconnaissance and ambush patrols. Maintained constant contact with the airborne FAC due to the threat of him being shot down and to provide quick recover should that becomes a reality. Coordinated with Vietnamese personnel on targets outside of free fire zones. Installed, operated, and performed minor maintenance on man pack and mobile radio (MK-107 & MK-108, HF/FM/VHF/UHF) communications equipment.

May 1965 - Jul 1966
United States Air Force
2110 Communications Squadron
Vance Air Force Base, Oklahoma

Noncommissioned Officer In Charge Military Affiliate Radio System MARS (Supervised 3 personnel): Supervised the operation of high frequency radio equipment used on the Air Education and Training Command ATEC region four network. Checked in the net to send and receive message traffic and provide phone patch services for military personnel and their dependents. Operated such equipment as the BC-610 transmitter, SP-600 receiver, R-390 receiver, R-274 receiver, Collins KWM-2A transceiver, and Collins S Line equipment. Maintained records on radio amateurs assigned to the Vance Air Force Base support team. Issued surplus equipment to the members provided they met all requirements and had a valid need for the equipment. Requisitioned surplus equipment from remarketing catalogues provided by the Government Supply Agency GSA. Informed radio maintenance of equipment and antenna malfunctions. Notified base power production of portable generator support requirements.

Apr 1959 - May 1965
United States Army

Intermediate Speed International Morse Code Radio & Radio Teletype Operator (MOS 051.60 & 053.60): Operated amplitude and frequency modulated HF&FM communications equipment in support of field maneuvers and exercises. Received and processed messages for transmission by radio teletype, voice, and international morse code. Operated portable generators, portable switchboards and constructed antennas for field use. Antennas consisted of the AN/GRA-4, V-Shaped and L-Shaped Antennas, Long Wires, Dipoles (many dipoles and doublets were hand made out of Spiral 4/RG-8/RG-58/WD-1 & WD-8 Field Wire), Doublets and Vertical Whips. Performed in many supervisory positions of increasing responsibility. RADIO EQUIPMENT EXPERIENCE: AN/GRC-9, AN-GRC-19, AN/GRC-26, AN/GRC-46, AN/VRC-34, RT-66/67/68, BC-610, R-274, PRC-10 & PRC-25, Collins “S” Line & Collins KWM-2A.


*Apr 1959 - Nov 1959, HQ & HQ Co, 6th Armored Calvary Regiment, Fort Knox, Kentucky.
*Nov 1959 - Apr 1962, Aviation Co, 11th Armored Calvary Regiment, Straubing, Germany.
*Apr 1962 - Nov 1963, Delta Co, 87th Construction Engineer Battalion, Fort Belvoir, Virginia.
*Nov 1963 - Dec 1964, 43rd Ranger Battalion, 13th Regiment, 9th Army of the Republic of Vietnam   (ARVN) Infantry Division, Military Advisory Assistance Group (MAAG), Advisory Team 60, Sadec, Vietnam.
*Dec 1964 - May 1865, HQ Co, 168th Combat Engineer Battalion, Fort Polk, Louisiana.


Community College of USAF, Maxwell AFB, AL, 1978,  …. Associate Degree in Police Science.
LeTourneau University, Longview, Texas, 1983, .... Bachelor of Science in Police Science.


Texas Department of Corrections (Academy) - Corrections Officer, Feb 1983 (4 weeks), Huntsville Prison Unit, Huntsville, TX. USAF Security Police K-9 Supervisors Course, Jun 1979 (2 weeks), Kunsan AB, Korea. USAF Security Police Superintendent Course, Jan 1979 (2 weeks), Lackland AFB, TX. USAF Security Police Air Base Ground Defense Course, Dec 1977 (2 weeks), Camp Bullis, TX. USAF Security Police Academy, Oct 1977 (2 weeks), Lackland AFB, TX.


HTML 4 Level 1, Dec 2003 (8 hrs), New Horizons Computer Learning Center, San Antonio, TX. FrontPage 2002 Level 1&2, Oct 2003 (24 hrs), New Horizons Computer Learning Center, San Antonio, TX. Air Force Equal Opportunity & Treatment - Our Roles & Responsibilities, Mar 1997 (4 hrs), Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Randolph Air Force Base, TX. Army Radio Telephone Operator Course, Jan 1994 (8 hrs), On-Line Fort Wachuca, AZ. MS-DOS for Power Users Computer Program, Dec 1993 (8 hrs), Computers Made Simple, San Antonio, TX. Harvard Graphics V2.3 Level 1 Computer Program, Dec 1993 (8 hrs), Computers Made Simple San Antonio, TX. Windows Overview Computer Program, Nov 1993 (8 hrs), Computers Made Simple San Antonio, TX. Word 6.0 for Windows Computer Program, Mar 1995 (8 hrs), 12th Comm. Sqdn. Randolph AFB, TX. Excel 4.0 for Windows Computer Program, Apr 1995 (8 hrs), 12th Comm. Sqdn. Randolph AFB, TX. Team Building & Professional Image, Feb 1991 (8 hrs), Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Randolph Air Force Base, TX. Introduction to MS-DOS Computer System Commands, Jan 1988 (16 hrs), Office of Personnel Management San Antonio, TX. Introduction to ENABLE Computer Program, Jan 1988 (32 hrs), Office of Personnel Management San Antonio, TX. Technical Order Training Class "Advanced", Dec 1987 (24 hrs), Field Tng. Detachment #405, Randolph AFB, TX. Computer Fundamentals for Users, Nov 1987 (16 hrs), Office of Personnel Management, San Antonio, TX. Administrative Management & Executive Support Officer #07000A, Apr 1977 (75 hrs), USAF Extension Course Institute. Air Reserve Forces Officer Preparatory Course #0007D, Feb 1977 141 hrs), USAF Extension Course Institute. Officer Professional Training Course #00005, Oct 1976 (42 hrs), USAF Extension Course Institute. Command Noncommissioned Officer Academy Course #00009, Apr 1976 (198 hrs), USAF Extension Course Institute. USAF Communications System Noncommissioned Officer Academy, Jul 1975 (285 hrs), Richard Gebaur AFB, MO. USAF Effective Writing Course, Oct 1972 (32 hrs), Randolph AFB, TX. OJT Trainer/Supervisor Course #4AMF75000-30, Sep 1972 (30 hrs), Sheppard Tech. Tng. Cntr., Randolph AFB, TX. ATC Supervisors Safety Training Course, Jan 1970 (40 hrs), Vance AFB, OK. Management for Air Force Supervisors, Mar 1968 (120 hrs), USAF Extension Course Institute. World Wide Survival School, Apr 1966 (120 hrs), Stead AFB, Nevada. Conventional Approach Control (Combat Controller) School, Jan 1966 (6 weeks), Keesler AFB, MS. General Engineering Drafting Course, Aug 1962 (76 hrs), Fort Belvoir, VA. Intermediate Speed International Morse Code Radio School (USATCA), Oct 1959 (560 hrs), Fort Knox, KY.


Federal Communications Commission Amateur Radio License (WA5YHX), GENERAL operating privileges with primary station privileges. Expiration date - 27 Oct 2019. Tested and received first license in 1969.


Dept. of the Air Force, Monetary Performance Awards - Jun 2003/Jun 2002/Jun 2001/Jun 2000/Jun 1999/Jun 1998/Jun 1997/Sep 1996/Sep 1995/Sep 1994. Dept. of the Air Force, Time off Awards - Jan 2001/Jun 1998/Apr 1996/Nov 1995/Oct 1995/Jul 1995/Apr 1995/Jan 1995/Nov 1994/Jul 1994/Feb 1994.


Awards Continued: Dept. of the Air Force, Civilian of the Yr. - 1989 (Base Level), RAFB, TX. Dept. of the Air Force, Civilian of the Qtr. - 1988 (Squadron Level), RAFB, TX. Dept. of the Air Force, Civilian of the Qtr. - 1987 (Squadron Level), RAFB, TX. Dept. of the Air Force, MSM - 1978, Barksdale AFB, LA. 1931st Communications Group, NCO of the Quarter - 1976, Elmendorf AFB, AK. Dept. of the Air Force, AFCM (3rd award) - 1973, 2015th Comm. Sqdn., RAFB, TX. 2015th Communications Squadron, NCO of the Quarter - 1973, RAFB, TX., Dept. of the Air Force, Bronze Star Medal - 1968, Vance AFB, OK., Dept. of the Army, ACM - 1965, Fort Polk, LA. Dept. of the Army Letter of Commendation (Pentagon - 1963), Fort Belvoir, VA.


*Randolph Masonic Lodge #1268, AF&AM (Master Mason …. Blue Lodge) - Schertz, Texas
*Oklahoma Lodge of Research (Member) - Oklahoma
*Scottish Rite Consistory (32 Degree Mason) - San Antonio, Texas
*Noble of the Mystic Shrine (Shriner) - San Antonio, Texas


*  6 short tour over seas assignments
*  2 long tour over seas assignments
*  8 stateside assignments

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Amateur Radio & Military Affiliate Radio System


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*John Robert Mallernee

Songwriter and much much more.  John resides at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport, MS.

*The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War lasted to long, took to many lives and divided a nation.  Those that went to Vietnam, did their duty, came home and resumed a normal life.  They did what their country asked them to do, what more could be asked of anyone?  There were a few who took up protesting and consumed their lives with hatred for what they did.  I spent four tours in Vietnam and apologize to no one.  VIETNAM

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